Jennifer, Acne Program.

"I’ve had acne since middle school—ranging in severity over the years.  Now as an adult, I was left with scarring and still the occasional flare up.  I’d tried so many drug store products and have seen numerous dermatologists but never found products that worked for my combination skin or gave me continued results.

After seeing Nikki for several months for eyebrow waxing, we discussed my skincare concerns and I started an acne program that consisted of peels, facials, and microdermabrasion.  The treatments were completely customizable to what my skin needed at the time.  Part of the program is at-home care and I purchased a variety of new products.  As my skin improved, the types of products changed.  Nicki really got to know me and skin which allowed to her to give me the best service possible.  Between the treatments and products, I saw improvements to my skin within the first few weeks.  Flare ups became less frequent and my skin tone started to become more even.  Scars I thought I’d have forever were becoming less noticeable and my skin started to look clearer and feel good.  Throughout the whole process, Nikki was always available to answer questions and really taught me about my skin and how to treat it.  Thank you Nikki!"

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Emily, acne program

"Nikki has been helping me with my skin since April 2015 and I'm so grateful for her! I had tried everything over the counter and prescription and nothing seemed to help or have lasting results. On top of that, I have sensitive skin and most products actually made my acne worse or added a rash into the mix. Definitely not ideal when you're trying to clear your complexion. I began with an acne program that helped get rid of the deeper, cyst like acne I was encountering. Once my skin purged itself of all the trapped oil and bacteria, we moved on to a peel program and microdermabrasion. Slowly but surly my complexion began to even out and my breakouts, if I had any, became more manageable. Nikki truly is the best! She educates her clients on the programs, products and at home treatments. She is also always happy to field any questions or concerns after and in between treatments. If something isn't working for you, she will work to make a personalized program that does. I cannot say enough great things about how my skin has changed for the better, how amazing Nikki is and how much I highly recommend booking an appointment with Nikki to get you on your way to clearer, happier skin!"

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Kristin, Acne program

It has been such a relief to find this place and the estheticians who work here. Speaking as someone who has had complicated, hypersensitive skin + acne all her life and has tried everything, some of the unique factors that you won’t find elsewhere are...

A customized skin care routine - it makes so much sense. These ladies cater to your skin, specifically.  And actually examine your skin each time you visit, up close. Julie will continually check the status of your acne, and how YOU specifically tend to break out, where your weak areas are...and then ensure your whole regimen and appointments are centered around that. I’ve had dermatologists sit three feet away and prescribe me stuff, without even taking one minute to look at me or listen to my breakout patterns and concerns.  I’ve also been paranoid of how acne treatments and facials might mess up the texture of my skin, but it’s never been smoother. I’m always happily surprised when I wash my face because of its improvement. 

Great ‘bedside’ manner - I mean that you can ask as many paranoid questions you want and Julie is there for you. They track your progress, so you’re not forgotten in your next appointment. 

Help you if you want a product cleanse - I wanted make up that wouldn’t acerbate my skin issues and I got help with that with every type of makeup, from foundation to blush.

I always recommend her to anyone looking to address skin problems. My advice beforehand, is to remember that clearing acne is about being diligent, so don’t get sluggish on your regimen and expect it to go away on its own. If you want real, long lasting solutions, this is the best place because it’s not about ‘a one size fits all solution’ hoax.  Some things to expect...Scheduling is easy, communication is open and you feel heard, and the service is friendly and comfortable!! So happy they are in this area!


For a few months, I’ve seen Julie for chemical peels and waxing.  I love seeing Julie!  She makes you feel very comfortable and explains every step of the process.  I’ve had acne since my teen years and have seen countless doctors. When I started the peels, I was naturally a little skeptical but after a few visits I was pleasantly surprised!  Julie monitors your progress between chemical peels, making your treatments truly individual.  My skin has always been sensitive when I use new products.  The product line that was recommended is amazing!  It’s not only effective, it feels so light on your skin.  My skin has never been better!

I have been a regular loyal client of Julie’s for almost a year and a half once arriving to the Virginia area from Atlanta. I am truly grateful I found her, hands down she is amazing!!  Julie is a professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to skin care. You can definitely tell she has a love and passion for it. Her wealth of knowledge is unbelievable. I’ve learned so much from her about proper skin care and waxing techniques that should be provided as well as what you need to do once you leave to maintain great results. Out of all the times I’ve been waxed before I’ve never had someone explain info on your hair follicles, how to ensure you are being properly waxed if you ever have to see someone else, and the importance of exfoliating your skin, etc.  She really invests her time and undivided attention to each one of her clients. Every time I have an appointment I don’t feel my services provided are being rushed nor do I feel as though I’m just another paying customer. Each employee makes you feel warm and welcomed. Alongside top service that is provided the products they use and sell are amazing. I’ve bought over five different products since becoming a regular client and the results I’ve seen thus far are outstanding. I’m a firm believer in supporting great reputable people and businesses and ADARA Skin Care is just that. It represents truthfulness, people that love what they do on a daily basis, and individuals that take the time to explain the importance of each treatment provided to their clients so that you are seeing the benefits of each appointment booked. I’ve been to several establishments before finding ADARA Skin Care that weren’t knowledgeable about skin care and or skin care techniques and only were interesting in collecting a payment for the services they provided. I can without a doubt say that this is the best and ONLY business I will receive services from when it comes to my skin care.

Brittney, Alexandria