Questions & Answers - Lash IT

When is the best time to do a eyelash refill?

Answer: We offer 1 or 2 week fills. We believe you get the most out of your full set this way, check out our instagram page ( to see what clients lashes look like after 3 weeks! 

classic, adara or volume full sets? What is the difference?


Classic are one fluffy  (eyelash extension)on your own one natural lash.

ADARA lashes are a mix between classic and volume. We felt the market was too standard and this is for the person who loves having beautiful fluffies to wake up to the morning but also does not want them too thick, dark or long.

Volume is a fan (multiple lashes) that are thinner (0.04-0.07) on your one natural lash.





Lash lift curls, lifts and darkens your natural lash for 6 weeks. 

Eyelash Extensions are faux eyelashes placed on your individual lashes.