Every facial we do at ADARA includes the following every time: Consultation, Cleanse, Exfoliation, High Frequency, Extractions (if not a contraindication), Heat lamp (if you request) Mask, Serum, Massage (if not a contraindication) and SPF.

ADARA Facial - 30 minutes

This is a facial for first time clients. This facial will be completely custom, you and your esthetician can do any "add on treatment" that is best for you and your skin in this facial.

Hydrating Oxygen Facial - 45 minutes

Skin types this facial is best for: Dehydrated, Aging, Dull, Acne, Rosascea and Hyperpigmentation

Includes: Oxygen and Galvanic Treatment, custom to skin type and using world famous hydrating serums, to help with even the most severely dry skin

Microdermabrasions - 45 minutes

Skin Types this treatment is best for: Dull, Dry, Hyperpigmentation

Includes: Microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation)

Chemical Peel - 45 minutes

Skin Types this treatment is best for: Oily, Dry, Aging, Acne, Rosascea, Sensitive and Back or Chest Acne

Includes: Chemical Peel (chemical exfoliation), ranging from mild to strong. Our peels are the best in the industry for acne and sun spots. We carry many different strengths and types of peels for all skin types. We encourage clients to call to get more information on peels, if you are unsure or have questions.



Each program is based off the world’s leader in Acne, Face Reality. It is a combination of treatments twice a month and at-home care products. Our certified acne specialists take these programs very seriously and will take care of you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our programs, so please visit our before and after page, Yelp and social media to see before and afters of actual real clients. For further questions, feel free to set up a FREE consultation regarding our programs.


6 months\12 treatments


Galvanic Treatment

Oxygen Treatment

Enzyme Mask

Chemical Peel



15 minute massage

Spot treatment (small breakout, typically can relieve in size within 24 hours or less)

Red Light

Light THERAPY (all colors)

3 months (preventative aging or mild acne) 3x a week

6 months:(anti-aging or severe acne) 5x a week